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Mercury's Butterfly @ Naked Lounge (Chico) Goth Night with Hovering Shrikes (Portland, Oregon), Pleeay (San Francisco) and Elysium (Chico) 3/21/2024 7:30PM $10 All Ages!

Mercury's Butterfly @ Skip's Music Cafe (Marysville) Goth Night with Cryo (Chico) and VDM (Yuba City) 1/27/2024 6:30PM $10 All Ages!


Mercury's Butterfly @ "A Blight on Chestnut House" Halloween House-Party (Chico) with D.J. Lindalove (Chico) and Curdled Skin (Oroville, C.A.) 10/28/2023 (Saturday) ~8PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ Gnarli Deli (Chico, CA) Goth Night with Ashes Fallen (Sacramento) and Three Imaginary Boys ("The Cure" cover band; Chico) 10/27/2023 (Friday) 9PM [21+] Costs $10

Mercury's Butterfly @ Northern Delights (Hayfork, CA) with Drip Torch (Arcata) and Vulture Feather (Hayfork, CA) 9/20/2023

Mercury's Butterfly @ The Golden Bear (Sacramento) with Venetian Veil (Sacramento) and Vulture Feather (Trinity) 3/15/2023 8:30PM 21+ [flyer]

"Treasure Box" is released on Bandcamp 1/22/2023


Mercury's Butterfly @ Naked Lounge (Chico) with SGT Papers (Mexico City) and Bone Marrow 11/18/2022 (Friday) 9:30PM [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ South Gate Lane with Vulture Feather (Hayfork, CA), The Lodestones and HUST 11/12/2022 (Saturday) 7PM [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Northern Delights (Hayfork) with Vulture Feather (Hayfork, CA) and Drip-Torch (Arcata) 10/29/2022 (Saturday) 9PM [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Om On The Range (Chico) with Vulture Feather (Hayfork, CA) and The Lodestones 6/23/2022 (Thursday) [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Musiclandria (Sacramento, CA) with TV-MA (LA) and Nightjars (Sacramento) 6/4/2022 (Saturday) [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Batcave SF / The Knockout 5/13/2022 (Friday) 9-11PM [flyer] missed

Mercury's Butterfly @ The Bistro (Hayward, CA) with Sword Tongue and Screaming Creatures 4/21/2022 (Thursday) 7PM-11PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ The Naked Lounge (Chico, CA) with Nox Novacula & Bone Marrow 4/3/2022 (Sunday) 6:30 PM


"The Seventh Day" is re-issued in an edition of 20 by Black Kingdom Recordings (Moscow, Russia) 12/5/2021

Mercury's Butterfly @ "Bryce's Backyard Spooktacular" 10/30/2021 9PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ The Maltese (Chico) with Shadow Figures and Empty Gate (Chico locals) 8/13/2021 (Friday) 8:30 PM [flyer]


"Ghost Leaves" music video premiere on Liz Walsh's "Supermoon" series (#6) public-access show (benefit fundraiser for Rogers & Rosewater Soup Company; Oakland, CA) 9/20/2020 9PM-late

"The Seventh Day" (2018) album is featured in Le Marche Noir's 'Reviews/Tonträger Besprechungen' 8/10/2020

Mercury's Butterfly Live-Stream (Twitch) @ Studio 5/6/2020 8PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ the Blackbird Bookstore & Cafe with V.E.X. (Vortex Empath Xen, members of Moira Scar; Oakland, CA) and Astronaut Ice Cream (Chico locals) 3/28/2020 (Saturday) 7PM [flyer] cancelled

Mercury's Butterfly @ Club Vantablack (Stork Club) in Oakland with Dusty Miller (Sacramento) and Wolf Snake Sun (San Jose) 3/14/2020 (Saturday) 9:30PM-1AM [flyer] cancelled


Mercury's Butterfly @ the 1078 Gallery (Chico) with Moira Scar (Oakland), Shadow Figures and Desperate Hell (Chico locals) 11/16/2019 (Saturday) 8PM [flyer 1/flyer 2] <featured in the Chico News and Review>

Mercury's Butterfly @ the Famine Cabin (Chico) with Kratom (Olympia), Fall Children (Ukiah) and Mechanical Goldfish (Chico) 11/9/2019 (Saturday) 7PM [flyer] cancelled

Interview with Rock Your Brain

Mercury's Butterfly @ Blackbird Bookstore & Cafe with This Valve Controls, Static Declarations, and Entrail (Olympia, WA) 9/9/2019 (Monday) 7/7:30 PM [flyer] // 9/24/2019 (Tuesday) 7/7:30 PM with Dancing Plague (Oregon) and Iver (Chico) [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Red Bluff Punk/Metal show 8/19/2019

"Dreamy Dayze" album is featured in an article by Sanctuary.cz 8/5/2019 + the song "Air-Wound Ambrosia" was featured in WL//WH "Weekly Tips" #29; 5th August, 2019

The song "Dancefloor Nightmare" from "Dreamy Dayze" album was featured in WL//WH "Weekly Tips" #27; 22nd July, 2019 + Other Voices "Chapter XI" Mix; 4th August, 2019

Mercury's Butterfly @ T.A.Y. Center's Open Mic Night 7/26/2019 [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Blackbird Bookstore & Cafe 7/23/2019 (Tuesday) at 7/7:30 PM with Iver, Scout (locals) and Lovataraxx (France) [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Saltea Herbs 6/3/2019 (Wednesday) at 12 PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ Skate4Change Mental Illness Benefit 5/7/2019 (Tuesday) in Willows 4PM // private Beltane party 5/8/2019 (Wednesday) in Orland 6PM-Midnight

Mercury's Butterfly @ private Ostara party 3/21/2019 (Thursday) at 6 PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ Saltea Herbs 2/22/2019 (Friday) at 4 PM


The song "Visions" from "The Ghost Speaks" album was featured in WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth "Weekly Tips" #8; 26th March, 2018